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By: Jon Brunberg | posted: 4/24/2005 1:00:00 AM


The well-known US activist Marla Ruzicka was honoured at a memorial service in Lakeport, California on Saturday the 23d. She was killed in an attack on a convoy she was travelling with on its way from Bagdhad airport on April 16th. Marla Ruzicka was the founder of CIVIC (Campaign for Innocent Victims of Conflict), an organisation that tried to establish the number of killed Iraqi civilians in the ongoing war. Faiz Ali Salim, who was the Iraq country director of CIVIC was also killed in the attack.

April Pedersen writes at Civic Worldwide’s web site: ”It is with deep sadness and regret that I am writing to inform you that Marla died on Saturday at the age of 28 in a suicide bomb attack. Faiz, CIVIC's Iraq Country Director, was also killed. It is tragically ironic that two beautiful people who devoted their lives to helping innocent victims of war have now become them. /../ Their deaths are profound losses not only for their family and friends, but for the entire world. There are precious few who have the courage to stand up and demand justice for all the victims of conflict wherever they may be. This troubled world cannot afford to lose people like them”.
[[http://www.civicworldwide.org/index.html' TARGET='_blank'>link

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