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This privacy policy deals with information that may identify an individual, and that may be collected by us trough war-memorial.net ("the website"). This policy is not valid for other parties that we do not own and can not control, nor is it valid for persons that are not administrators of, nor editors for, our website. Please take the time to read our Terms of Use.

1. Cookies.

According to the Swedish law on electronic communication (2003:389) that was changed on On July 1st 2011 and a EU-law from May 26 2011, all visitors to a website must be informed about what a cookie is and which cookies are used by a website. The user of a website must also be able to consent to the usage of cookies on the website.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the users computer and which is used in various ways to to enhance functionality on a website. Two types of cookies are used by the website: 1) Session cookies. When you are browsing from page to page on our web site, this cookie is being send back and forth between the server and your computer so that the service can keep track of your login status - after you have measured your power or logged in to the service. Session cookies are erased from your computer when you log out from the service or shut down your web browser. 2) Statistics cookies. Information about your visit to the webssite is stored temporarily in cookies by the provider of our statistics tool, statcounter.com and includes information about your IP-address, Internet service provider, web browser and other technical information. This information is used entirely for statistical purposes.

By using this website you consent to the usage of cookies. If you do not consent to the usage of cookies you must either leave this website immideately or disable or delete cookies in your web browser´s settings. If you delete or disable the session cookie you will not be able to measure your power or login to the site.

2. Collection of personal information

Information about your visit, such as your hosts IP-address and web browser is saved in our server´s log files and during a short period by a third party service for web traffic statistics: statcounter.com.

3. Use of personal information

We may use the information described in paragraph 1 of this policy to enhance your use of this website. We will make all efforts possible to prevent your information to reach a third party except in the following cases: (i) if we get your permission, (ii) if you choose to make your information available to the public, (iii) if our service demands interaction with technology provided by a third party, such as a server hosted by an internet service provider, (iv) if the data is required in a juridical process or demanded by the police or an attorney, or if (v) we find that your use of this website is in conflict with this policy, the terms of use, other recommendations of use of the service or are deemed necessary by us to protect our property and/or to prevent crime.

4. Children

We do not allow children under the age of twelve years to become members of this website.

5. Changes in this privacy policy

This privacy policy may be subject to change, and the changes will be announced at our website.

6. No warranties

While this policy outlines our ambition for the use of personal information and while we will make all efforts to fulfil our ambitions, we can not warrant the content of this policy. It may happen, as the consequence of events or factors that are outside of our control, that personal data is published. As a consequence of this we can not issue any warranty that such events can not happen and we renounce our responsibilities for the effects of such events.

7. Contact information.

Should you have any questions regarding this policy or our website, please contact jon@brunberg.se.



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