a memorial for all wars: the Polynational War Memorial

Interfaith Center by Testbedstudio


Detail of master plan, 2013


The Memorial by Servo, test rendering


Unimune, Museum floor plan by Raumlabor.


Data collection and management

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The Polynational War Memorial


The Polynational War Memorial is a proposal for a global war memorial that will commemorate all who died in all wars since World War II, and for a global organisation that will work with education, negotiations and data collection. The memorial will include more than 10 million names of soldiers and civilians.

The proposed architecture, which has been commissioned from three European architect groups, should be seen as a prototype for a future building complex that will harbour the memorial and the institutions. The plan is to build six copies of the complex in all corners of the world.

This website presents detailed descriptions of the concept and the proposal, and information on the latest acheivements. It also includes a library of physical and internet-based memorials, and a series of articles about memorials.

The Polynational War Memorial is a project in process that was initiated by the artist Jon Brunberg in 2004. It is supported financially by public art funds, most notably the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.




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The Project

Information about the project, its sponsors and contributors

The Proposal

Details about the proposal for a Polynational War Memorial and the commissioned architecture.

The Research

A comprehensive library of physical and virtual war memorials and articles.


Latest news and features related to the project




> The Polynational War Memorial


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2023-12-17 | An alarming picture


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