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This collection of online war memorials links predominantly to other websites. It includes lists of people that were killed or went missing as a result of war which were compiled by nation-states, non-state actors, human rights organisations, concerned individuals or interest groups. Some were not primarily intended to commemorate victims of war but have been included in this collection since they are the only available online resource for that particular war.

The Online Memorial Collection contains 123 records, covering 57 wars, which in total displays the names of 498,343 people (combatants and civilians) that were killed in war since 1945 [1]. This is a mere 4.0% of the total number of killed for the period which is, according to our sources, should be around 12,576,933 people.

If excess deaths were counted (and in a few cases they are) the total number of fatalities would be much higher. The second world war may have been the bloodiest in the history of mankind but the bloodshed continues with ever more civilians caught in the crossfire or deliberatly targeted.

Please, stop for a moment before you enter. You may find it offensive to find your adversaries displayed alongside your mates or relatives. You may find it offensive to find military web sites alongside such run by peace movements or human rights organisations. We ask you to put those feelings behind for the time being and show respect to all those who are commemorated here and their families.




[1] Why are only wars after 1945 included in the online memorial collection? Read more in the FAQ.