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War Database Update Log 2016
posted: 2016-03-27 | Stockholm

I’m happy to be able to announce that the long overdue update of the war database has begun. Even though the first datasets from UCDP, which much of my list of wars is based on, was released already in summer 2015, I had to attend to other projects during the fall and winter. I´m planning to, over the following weeks, update the fatality data for battle-deaths, onesided violence and non-state wars, to update some war articles, and to add preliminary posts for wars in 2015. It´s high time to get started, and you will, as always, be able to follow the update in this Update Log.



posted: 2016-07-11 | Stockholm

Right before christmas last year this website had to be relocated to a new server. Things happened in the process. At the moment bugs and glitches are being taken care of to restore the site to its former glory.  


New conflict data from UCDP
posted: 2014-06-21 | Ekenäs, Finland

In the middle of June Uppsala University’s Conflict Data Program (UCDP) released therir latest datasets for armed conflicts and battle-deaths including data for 2012.


How many wars has each nation fought?
posted: 2014-03-15 | Stockholm

When the debate in the US about a possible intervention in Syria was at its peak in 2013 some people asked me if I could provide statistics of how may wars that were fought by each nation in the world since 1900.



Notes on the Online Memorial Collection
posted: 2016-07-19| by: Jon Brunberg

When you’re contemplating the features and functions of contemporary war memorials, it’s almost impossible not to take the names of the killed into consideration. When I begun to work on the Polynational War Memorial project in 2004 I decided that I would follow that convention and make the names of all soldiers and civilians killed because of acts of war a fundamental part of the design.  And I started to gather all those link in a separate section called "The Online Memorial Collection". This article discuss the importance of names and numbers.


Contrasting impressions on Omaha Beach
posted: 2013-08-19| by: Jon Brunberg

Wanås Master Plan: documentation video
posted: 2013-08-13| by: Jon Brunberg

Le Mémorial in Caen - Narratives of War and Peace
posted: 2009-11-18| by: Jon Brunberg

Workshop Dossin-Mechelen Report
posted: 2007-03-22| by: Jon Brunberg

The desolate silence of minimalism
posted: 2007-03-22| by: Kieran Long

Freedom Park at Salvokop Hill, Pretoria, SA: OBRA Architects, New York
posted: 2005-10-20| by: Jon Brunberg

Holocaust Memorial: Architect Peter Eisenman, Berlin 2005
posted: 2005-09-21| by: Sarah Quigley

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