a memorial for all wars: the Polynational War Memorial


This website includes hundreds of articles and images about wars and war memorials that are organized in four basic collections. They form, in a sense, the historical fundament which the Polynational War Memorial builds upon.

Most of the texts, images and data were taken from publicly available sources online but some were produced specially for the project including a series of articles about war memorials.

The collections:

The list of wars includes all wars in the world since 1900 with basic information about the conflict, its parties, the number of fatalities and links to other resources. The page includes search tools.

The memorial collection includes images of and information about war memorials of all types from the beginning of the 20th century. Browse a list of memorials, all uploaded images, use a map to search countrywise or use the advanced search to apply other search criteria.

The Online Memorial Collection is a library of online resources with lists of war victims and forced disappearances as a result of armed conflict since 1945.

The resource section presents links to texts and other resources relating to war memorials.

Tools and help

The advanced search page includes search tools to help you find articles about wars or memorials

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