a memorial for all wars: the Polynational War Memorial


A late new year’s chronicle
posted: 2015-02-17 | Stockholm

A look in the rear mirror on the events and developments of the Polynational War Memorial in 2014.



New conflict data from UCDP
posted: 2014-06-21 | Ekenäs, Finland

In the middle of June Uppsala University’s Conflict Data Program (UCDP) released therir latest datasets for armed conflicts and battle-deaths including data for 2012.


How many wars has each nation fought?
posted: 2014-03-15 | Stockholm

When the debate in the US about a possible intervention in Syria was at its peak in 2013 some people asked me if I could provide statistics of how may wars that were fought by each nation in the world since 1900.


Snapshots of a reworked Master Plan
posted: 2013-11-26 | Stockholm

A greatly improved master plan for the Polynational War Memorial is currently being produced and I’m proud to present a couple of snapshots from the ongoing work. This is the first master plan that comprises all programs of the original plan including parks, administrative buildings, a research centre and details of the transport infrastructure, and it has also been adapted to several changes in the programs that have been made in recent years. This master plan is located to a fictitious landscape which have allowed for increased artistic freedom in regards to the layout of the buildings and the infrastructure.

Two versions of the master plan are presented here: the first gives an overview of the buildings, environment and infrastructure while the second maps and explains the facilities and programs. This is certainly not the final master plan for the project but it is the by far most detailed version created hitherto and it will definitely serve as a good starting point for the continued design work. -

[http://www.war-memorial.net/Architecture-Master-Plan-' TARGET='_blank'>All Master Plan images Master Plan images © Jon Brunberg and the other creators 2013



Contrasting impressions on Omaha Beach
posted: 2013-08-19| by: Jon Brunberg

The second article in a series of reports from a trip to the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy and its surroundings that was made by the author in August 2009.


Wanås Master Plan: documentation video
posted: 2013-08-13| by: Jon Brunberg

Le Mémorial in Caen - Narratives of War and Peace
posted: 2009-11-18| by: Jon Brunberg

The desolate silence of minimalism
posted: 2007-03-22| by: Kieran Long

Workshop Dossin-Mechelen Report
posted: 2007-03-22| by: Jon Brunberg

Freedom Park at Salvokop Hill, Pretoria, SA: OBRA Architects, New York
posted: 2005-10-20| by: Jon Brunberg

Holocaust Memorial: Architect Peter Eisenman, Berlin 2005
posted: 2005-09-21| by: Sarah Quigley

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