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People unlawfully killed and disappeared by the state, MRTA and Sendero Luminoso in Peru 1980-2000

No of names: 18,397
Peruvian Gvt vs Sendero Luminoso and MRTA

Organisation: Comisión de la Verdad y Reconciliación
Org. type: Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Website language: Spanish
The Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) (in Spanish: Comisión de la Verdad y Reconciliación (CVR)) was established in 2001 after the fall of president Alberto Fujimori, to examine abuses committed 1980-2000, when Peru was plagued by the worst political violence in the history of the republic. This was during the 1980–85 government of President Fernando Belaunde, Alan García's 1985–90 term, and Fujimori's 1990–2000 administration. Its work was formally concluded on August 28, 2003, when it presented its final report to President Alejandro Toledo. The Commission appointed as members many sectors of civil society, including scholars, journalists, sociologists, priests and artists.

CVR investigated a large number of massacres, "forced disappearances" and other human rights violations committed by both the rebel groups Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso) and Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA), as well as agents of the Peruvian state (Military, Police) during the intrastate war in Peru. It investigated cases of unlawful deaths committed against around 24,000 people in the years 1980-2000. The commission estimated that in total 69,280 people were killed during the conflict, with a low estimate: 61,007, and the high end at 77,552 deaths.

CVR found 18,397 named victims of killing or forced disappearance in the course of the investigation, which was compiled in a list (ANEXO 4.1). While the list, for some reason, is not available for download, it is available online, and seem to be include roughly 18,000 names.

Source: Wikipedia, published under the GNU FDL. Retrieved 2016-07-25
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