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Punjab Police Force Martyrs

No of names: 1,177
Indian Govt vs Sikh insurgents

Organisation: Punjab Police Force
Org. type: Government
Website language: English
The official site of the police in Punjab, India has published a list of their martyrs from the violence that from time to time flare up in this region of India. Quoted from site:

The beginning of the eighties confronted Punjab Police with the unenviable and enormously difficult task to handle over a decade-long brutal phase of mindless violence by misguided youth of Punjab. Misguided by the opportunistic agencies like ISI of Pakistan, which had been constantly fermenting religious insensitivity and intolerance through some of the religious groups of Punjab. The dilemma of Punjab Police was that the sons of soil of rural Punjab, who formed the bulk and back bone of the State, Punjab Police had to fight its own kiths and kins who gravitated to terrorism under the brain-washing, arming, and training of ISI. The leadership in Punjab Police was actually aware of these social and operational realities. Hence, the young officers of the Indian Police Services led the force from the front, and were extensively involved in the control of terrorism at the field level. Cohesiveness in ranks, professionalism of the highest order and the dictum of duty before self kept Punjab Police in very high spirits despite the fact that the mindless and brutal killers among terrorist ranks, not only ambushed the policemen on duty, but also killed them even off-duty and while on leave. The brutality extended to cold-blooded killing of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children of Punjab Police personnel. However, the saga of commitment of Punjab Police to its duty translated into absolute control of terrorism despite over 1,700 martyrdom of its men besides hundreds of cowardly killings of their relations by the terrorists. Punjab Police is tremendously proud of its men and maintains extremely fond memories as well as looks after the wards of its departed brilliant martyrs. Punjab Police presents some of its martyrs through this website as its salutation and deep regards for them.

The website includes year-wise lists of killed Police officers on duty with 993 names and a PDF with names of 95 family members killed, 34 killed SPO:s and 55 killed PHG:s. The bulk of the data concerns the years 1986-1995.
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