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Anniversary of Madrid Terror Bombings

By: Jon Brunberg | posted: 3/9/2005 1:00:00 AM


Commemorative services are held in churches all over Spain on March 11 to mark the anniversary of the Madrid bombings that killed 191 people in simultaneous attacks in the commuter train system of the Spanish capital and chocked Europe. A memorial wood will open in Madrid at the same day. The Spanish government at the time of the attacks fell because of the criticism from the Spanish people. Now, in time for the anniversary, the critcism from relatives to the killed and the injured is getting stronger again.

Reuters reports that "Families of victims have said all along they did not want a high-profile commemoration that would revive painful memories, preferring a quiet day of reflection". AFP reports that relatives and victims have "...protested sharply Wednesday against the planned broadcast this week of a TV dramatised documentary programme reconstructing the tragedy".


Simultaneously there is also another event going on in the city that deals with terrorism; "The International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security", which is organised by the Club of Madrid. The politcal leaders and experts who have gathered here will try to define terrorism and draw out guidlines for how to clamp down on terrorism in Europe and elsewhere. the summit have problems of their own. It might be able to outline a strategy to counter terrorism but to formulate a common definition of what terrorism is will be a much harder task.

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