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Design Process


Some of the sketches that were made during the work process.

1. Defining organisation scheme

Sketch by Anders Johansson showing two alternatives for organisation of the centre.

Study by Erik Wingquist

2. Defining the form

Sections by Anders Johansson explaining insertion of windows and rooms in the main halls

Sketch by Erik Winquist showing an organisation scheme with formal elements that would be used later.

3. Refining form and organisation

Sketch by Erik Winquist outlining what would be the final organisation of the buildings and the functionality of the passages.

4. Getting into the details A sketch by Anders, Erik and Jon on one of the first blueprints made while discussing organisation and interiors.

Sketch by Jon Brunberg on one of the early axonometries outlining the exterior environment including basins and lights. Very close to the final product.


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