a memorial for all wars: the Polynational War Memorial


Info, rationale and FAQ


The online memorial collection (OMC) is a collection of links to websites which include lists of soldiers and civilians who were killed or subjected to forced disappearance in connection with armed conflict. These lists have been compiled by nation-states, non-state actors, human rights organisations, individuals or interest groups. Not all were created with the intention to function as memorials, strictly speaking. Quite a few, and specially in the case of civilian deaths, were compiled by human rights groups or similar organisations for reports or commissions with the intent to gather evidence, or truth-finding. Such reports may of course function as memorials of sorts for relatives to the victims, and give recognition to their loved one's fates in regions where impunity for such crimes is more common than not. Many websites in this collection were however published by the military branch of governments. They are typically clearly stated as memorials in order to honor the fallen or the martyrs.


The criteria for a website to be included in the OMC are ...


It should be noted that I've made exceptions to these rules on several occasions. Here are a few examples.

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