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Memorials in the Luwero Triangle

Type: Physical memorial
Location: Luwero Traingle
Country: Uganda

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Luweero Triangle, located to the north of Kampala, was where Yoweri Museveni led the National Resistance Army, to the bush in 1981, following his defeat in the 1980 elections, to fight “bad governance” until 1986, when he assumed power.

More still, Luweero Triangle is commonly remembered for the brutal killings, particularly of civilians during the war, which are mostly blamed on Obote’s government. But, little from this war has been chronicled to give a proper account of the killings that stretched across Kiboga, Nakaseke, Nakasongola, Mubende, Mityana and Wakiso. What is clear though, greater Luweero remains in a state of poverty, with unemployed youth, the sons and daughters of fighters and heroes whose skulls are being eaten away by termites in memorial graves dug by President Museveni’s government after he took over power.

Daily Monitor

The links bellow will take you to some images of memorials in the Luwero Triangle.

A photo of a memorial posted by Charles Onyango-Obbo, on his blog

John Tlumacki, photographer at the Boston Globe, has taken this picture of a makeshift memorial near Masulita made of skulls dug up by farmers in 1987 boston.com

Another photo by David Blumenkranz flickr


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