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Somalia Civil War

Years: 1982-2015
Battle deaths: 40,009 [1]
Non-state conflict, battle-deaths: 10,742 [3]
Onesided violence: 2,074 [2]

Nation(s) involved and/or conflict territory [note]

Published prior to 2013 | Altered: 2017-06-04 18:06:59
UCDP: "The armed conflict in Somalia dates back to the beginning of the 1980s, when armed opposition groups were formed to overthrow President Barre. In 1991, President Barre was ousted from power and a new government was formed by USC (United Somali Congress). Fighting continued and UN and US troops were deployed in 1992-1995. Since then, fighting has continued between different groups, with involvement from several other countries. During several periods, Somalia has lacked a functioning government.

Despite the formation of a new and more inclusive unity government in early 2009, the conflict pitting the government against Islamist insurgents rages on. Spearheaded by Al-Shabaab, insurgents now control most of southern and central Somalia. In the capital Mogadishu, battles between insurgents and government forces supported by an AU peacekeeping force have led to hundreds of civilian deaths."

Source: Uppsala Conflict Data Program (Date of retrieval: 2013-07-25) UCDP Conflict Encyclopedia, Uppsala University


Data Sources

[1] Battle deaths: PRIO Battle Deaths Dataset v3.0 (link) (1946-88) #141 UCDP Battle-Related Deaths Dataset v. 5-2016 (link) (1989-2015)
Low: 24,655 High: 65,643

[2] UCDP One-sided Violence Dataset v. 1.4-2015 (1989-2014) (link) including actors: Government of Somalia, RRA, Al-Shabaab, SPM/SNA
Low: 1,883 High: 6,783

[3] UCDP Non-State Conflict Dataset UCDP Non-State Conflict Dataset v. 2.5-2015, 1989-2014 (link) including dyads: Ahlu Sunna Waljamaca vs Al-Shabaab, Ali-Gaf subclan of Abgal clan (Hawiye) vs Mahadade subclan of Abgal clan (Hawiye), Fiqi Muhumud subclan (Dir) vs Marehan subclan of Sede clan (Darod), Mohamed Muse subclan of Abgal clan (Hawiye) vs Warsangeli subclan of Abgal clan (Hawiye), Ogaden clan (Darod) vs Sheikhal clan (Dir), Puntland state of Somalia vs Republic of Somaliland, RRA vs RRA - MH, Sa'ad subclan of Habar Gidir clan (Hawiye) vs Suleiman subclan of Habar Gidir clan (Hawiye), Sa'ad subclan of Habar Gidir clan (Hawiye) vs Saleban-Abdalla subclan of Majerteen clan (Darod), USC/SSA vs USC/SSA - OMF, Abgal clan (Hawiye) vs Xawaadle clan (Hawiye), ARPCT vs ARS/UIC, Abdalle subclan of Habar Awal clan (Isaaq) vs Aidagalla subclan of Habar Garhadjis clan (Isaaq), Abdalleh-Agon-Yar subclan of Abgal clan (Hawiye) vs Eli-Agon-Yar subclan of Abgal clan (Hawiye), Abdulleh-Galmaha subclan of Abgal clan (Hawiye) vs Kabaloh subclan of Abgal clan (Hawiye), Abgal clan (Hawiye) vs Galgalo, SPM vs Forces of Omar Jess, Ayr subclan of Habar Gidir clan (Hawiye) vs Sa'ad subclan of Habar Gidir clan (Hawiye), Abdalle-Aroneh subclan of Abgal clan (Hawiye) vs Eli-Omar subclan of Abgal clan (Hawiye), Forces of Abdirizak Bihi vs Forces of Ahmed Sheikh Buraleh, Forces of Hussein Ali Ahmed vs USC/SSA, Forces of Abdurahman Ahmed Ali 'Tur' vs Republic of Somaliland, Garre subclan of Digil clan (Digil-Mirifle) vs Jiddo subclan of Digil clan (Digil-Mirifle), Habar Gidir clan (Hawiye) vs Xawaadle clan (Hawiye), Habar Gidir clan (Hawiye) vs Marehan subclan of Sede clan (Darod), Galje'el clan (Hawiye) vs Xawaadle clan (Hawiye), Republic of Somaliland vs SNM - 'Calan cas', SNF vs USC/SNA, SNF - MSAB vs SNF, SPM vs SPM/SNA, AIAI vs SSDF, DSA vs USC/SNA, RRA vs USC/SNA, SSDF vs USC/SNA, USC/SNA vs USC/SNA - OA, USC/SNA vs USC-PM, Al-Shabaab vs Hizbul Islam, Al-Shabaab vs ONLF, Dabare subclan of Digil clan (Digil-Mirifle) vs Luway subclan of Mirifle clan (Digil-Mirifle), Forces
Low: 10,423 High: 13,169

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NOTE! Nation data for this war may be inconlusive or incomplete. In most cases it reflects which nations were involved with troops in this war, but in some it may instead reflect the contested territory.


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