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Our Trail of the Troubles

Type: Physical memorial
Location: Belfast
Country: United Kingdom

Added: 8/14/2009
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Our Trail of the Troubles
Collage from Hilary Gilligans performative memorial "Our Trails of the troubles". © Hilary Gilligan
License: © | By: Hilary Gilligan | | enlarge

During Easter weekend 1996, Irish artist Hilary Gilligan made a temporary, performative memorial by painstaikingly writing down the names of all who died in the Northern Ireland conflict with chalk on the pavement of Royal Avenue in Belfast.

In this interview from 2004 Hilary Gilligan explains why she made this work and describes the process of executing it in public space and the reactions from passersby and the media.

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All photos © Hilary Gilligan. All rights reserved. Photos published with kind permission from the artist.



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