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Unimune - University, Museum and Negotiations


Unimune is an acronym for University, Museum and Negotiations, which are three interconnected institutions that are located in separate parts of the Unimune main building complex. The university focus on conflict- and peace studies, the museum show permanent and temporary exhibitions that provides a historical background to the wars of today, and the Negotiation Centre hosts talks and negotiations between warring parties and other conferences.

These parts together form the main institution in its field in the world. In effect, it will work as an non-partisan partner to numerous organisations and institutions that are already doing research and collecting data, such as governments and their military branches, charities, supranational organisations, paramilitary organisations, human rights groups and political parties. The work made here also plays a critical role for name lists displayed at the Memorial.

This place could, simply put, be seen as the brain and communications central of the Polynational War Memorial. Its here contacts are made with politicians and organisations all over the world, new generations of negotiatiors are educated, and where negotiating parties meet with their delegations, staff and security detail. It is also immensly popular among visitors, who come here for lectures, exhibitions and seminars at the museum, or for dining, shopping or other public facilities in the surrounding city. Compared to the the other parts of the complex, this is a place boiling with activity, and charachterized by everyday life.


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Project: Unimune (University, Museum and Centre for Negotiations)
Office: Raumlabor, Berlin, in collaboration with Bro Blickpunkt.
Status: Ongoing


A: Administration
L: Lobby
M: Museum
C: Conference centre for negotiations
U: University



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Centre for Negotiations

Unimune City


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