a memorial for all wars: the Polynational War Memorial
The structure of the Negotiation Centre.

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Centre for Negotiations


The Polynational War Memorial´s aim is to become a major agent in peace processes on a global level, as a host for, and mediator in, negotiations between warring parties. Such talks are organized by the Negotiation Center, which is specially designed to facilitate negotiations of all kinds, and to host prominent guests, and their delegations and staff.

The Negotiation Center offers neutral grounds, and experienced facilitators and can meet the highest of security demands. It can be sealed off completely from the rest of the complex and offers dedicated high-security transport channels for cars and train, as well as a helicopter platform on the roof.

The talks takes place in the five upper floors in this 12 storey building, in series of conference- and meeting rooms. The participants has also access to a lounge and restaurant at the top floor with a magnificent view.

Below the upper floors is a secretariat, and departments for security and technicians, followed by a large auditorium for lectures, press conferences and other events, which is also available to the other institutions.

The lower floors includes a lobby and a bar and cloak rooms for the auditorium and connections to the main lobby of the building complex.



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