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The Brief


The area for this building complex is located between the Polynational War Memorial’s interfaith center and the main memorial (see plan). It consist primarily of three institutions: a museum, a university and a conference unit (no 1-3 in the list below), and a series of smaller units (no 4-6). The following specifications were given to the architects in the brief.


1) University

The main courses on the curriculum for the international university is focused on conflict and peace studies and research, and should accomodate 500-1000 students. This unit should include a series of lecture rooms, libraries, auditoriums, screening rooms and study rooms. A small campus for students and teachers will provide essential facilities such as shops and restaurants. Student housing is not located at the memorial complex but in its vincinity or in the nearby city.


2) Museum

The museum will display a permanent exhibition that should give an historical background to the armed conflicts that are present in the memorial and explain the basic concepts of conflict resolution. There should be room for at least two temporary exhibition spaces apart from the permanent. The museum should also include an auditorium and screening room and a cafe and museum shop.


3) High-security conference facility

The conference facility is a unit, which is connected to the university. It is used mainly for negotiation processes between warring parties and v.i.p meetings. It is preferrably housed in a separate area of the building complex that could be easily sealed off from the rest of the complex should a high level of security be necessary. The unit includes a housing section for visiting parties (20-30 rooms) and a restaurant and has also a direct connection to the v.i.p transport channel.


4) Memorial administration, research unit and facilities for the staff

The building complex includes offices for the memorial’s administration, and facilities for the staff. Included in this section is also a research group that collects conflict data and names of casualties and missing for the updateable display of names at the main memorial.


5) Public research library

The public research library is a smaller facility with historical documents of many kinds, which is open for guest researchers and visitors. It could be connected either to the museum or the university.


6) Security, medical and maintenance facilities.

Smaller units for: complex‘ security personnell and surveillance equipment, a medical unit for visitors and staff with and a unit for maintenance of audiovisual equipment and computers (larger workshops for maintenance of buildings, roads and parks in the area are not included in this building complex)


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Illustration of the number of people in specific locations in the Unimune, at certain hours. Made by Büro Blickpunkt.



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