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Each year, hundreds of students from all over the world, attend the Master- and PhD degree programs at Polynational War Memorial´s university, which focus on conflict- and peace studies, history, social sciences and diplomacy.

The University cooperates closely with the negotiation center but also benefits from its collaborations with the other institutions, which means plenty of opportunities for the students, in terms of practical experience and access to prominent guest teachers.

The university´s main building rests, in a spectacular way, on a series of thin pillars some fifty meters above ground, where it appears to hover over the rest of the complex. Its two floors includes a series of study- and seminar rooms, a library, a canteen and three large auditoriums that are lowered into the floor.

One characteristic feature of this building is the tube elevators that extends like tentacles to the adjacent buildings and the ground.

The University extends to the surrounding city and its perimeter, where whole quarters is dedicated to student housing and a campus, and some of the the university´s departments, such as research libraries and administrative facilities, are located.


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